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Announcement - Public Solicitation for Interested Bidders of  Guangzhou Airport Central Business District Design Works Project


In order to implement the development strategy of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, its imperative to bring into play the role of Guangzhou Baiyun Airport as an international aviation hub, and accelerate the construction of Guangzhou Airport Economic Demonstration Zone that are important growth poles for Guangzhous economic development. The Guangzhou Airport Central Business District project (hereinafter referred to as the "project") shall be constructed with high quality and high standards. Therefore, the public solicitation of design works for the Guangzhou Airport Central Business District project invites interested bidders to register their interests whereby highly competent and experienced companies will be selected to participate in the bidding process.



The project site is located near Gaozeng Station of Metro Line 3, next to the FBO Business Aviation Base, about 3 km away from Baiyun Airport Terminal T1, and about 2 km away from Terminal T3 (under construction). The project will cover a total area of about 770,667 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1.502 million square meters and a total investment of about 12.835 billion yuan.


The project plan is to create a world-class airport cum expansive business district with conference and exhibition as its core main functions, integrating commercial, hotel, and office functions, focusing on the development of aerospace equipment, high-end intelligent equipment, biomedicine, information technology, cultural, sports and tourism related exhibitions. The project plan will include the building of the Guangzhou Airport Economic Demonstration Zone Exhibition Hall, Incubation Center, Service Center, Government Affairs Center, Civic Center, as well as setting up a headquarters office, high-end retail (duty-free shopping) and a functional area offering a full suite of government services, catering towards business, leisure, conference, exhibition and trade industries that showcases the modern and international image of the airport.


II. Design Content and Scope


The design is divided into two areas, namely the research of regional spatial relations and conceptual architectural design plan.


( I ) Research of regional spatial relations


The research of regional spatial relations primarily focuses on the study of spatial relations between the airport aviation hub area and the international business gateway functional area, which covers an area of about 47 square kilometers (refer to the yellow border area in Figure 1) from the Liuxi River in the east, the Huaguan Expressway in the south, the Da-Guang Expressway in the west, and the Heng-Sixteen Road in the north, inclusive of the existing buildings (T1, T2, T3 (planned) terminals, FBO business aviation bases, international business gateway area and natural villages, etc.), airport runways and routes, and natural environments (mountains, water systems, etc.).   In alignment with the strategic positioning of the Guangzhou Airport Economic Demonstration Zone, the blueprint of the central business district project will be the creation of a multifunctional central business district and its surrounding areas - eastwards till Gaozeng Village and Mingxing Village, to the south working area of ??Baiyun International Airport in the north, to Aigang Village in the west, and to the planned airport avenue in the south (refer to the red border area in Figure 2).The project will create a high quality standard central business district with a global perspective, taking into account of the current situation and development requirements of the Guangzhou airport and area characteristics of Baiyun International Airport which includes functional layout, traffic, spatial form, public space and underground space design, et cetera.


( II ) Conceptual architectural design plan


To carry out the conceptual architectural design of the central business district project, the plan must realise the extensiveness of the conceptual architectural plan.


The project extends to Yingbin Avenue in the north, Airport Avenue (planning) in the south, Fanghua Highway and Airport Expressway in the east. The project will cover a total area of about 770667 square meters, with a total construction area of about 1.502 million square meters. (refer to the blue border area in Figure 2)


The conceptual building plan should take into account the scale and proportion of the conference, exhibition, office, hotel, shopping mall, entertainment and other integrated service functions. The design should focus on the improvement of landscape environment, spatial coordination, and the optimization of regional traffic, integrating the concepts of smart city and sponge city. Creation of a world architectural icon with regional characteristics, and encourage the adoption of international advanced ecological green, parametric design and other forward-looking and practical architectural design concepts.


The conceptual building plan includes graphic design, vertical design, main building floor plan, building cross section plan, building elevation design, main building materials, landscape design, traffic organization and project investment estimates.


( III ) Work content to be must undertaken by the winning bidder:


Include but not limited to the urban design, planning design, architectural design, landscape design, municipal and public supporting facilities design of this project.


The design stage comprises the design work of various disciplines, including but not limited to planning design, schematic design, preliminary design, construction drawing design, BIM design, as-built drawing preparation and other stages of design work.


III、Materials to be submitted for registration

(一) 需提交的资料

( I ) Information required for submission

1. 应征意向函;

1.Letters of intent to apply

2. 单位简介;

2.Company profile

3. 类似项目业绩及获奖情况;

3.Performance and awards for similar projects

4. 主创设计师和拟投入的设计团队简介;

4.A brief description of the lead designer and design team

5.  意向人认为需要提供的其他资料。

5.Any other information that the interested bidder deems necessary to provide

(二) 资料要求

( II ) Information Requirements

1.     应征资料以A4(210mm×297mm) 规格编排,封面写明“广州空港中央商务区项目设计工作应征资料”字样。

1.The application materials should be in A4 (210mm×297mm) specifications with "Guangzhou Airport Central Business District Project Design” written on the cover page.

2.     提交的应征资料封面标注意向人名称,联系人及联系方式,并签名或加盖公章。

2.The cover page should be marked with the name, contact person and contact details of the company, and signed or stamped with an official seal.

3.     应征资料以电子文件形式提交,以PDFWORD两种格式制作。

3.The application materials shall be submitted in the form of electronic documents in PDF and WORD formats.

4.     2020922日前,意向人须在广州公共资源交易中心办理企业信息登记(CA数字证书),办理流程详见“广州公共资源交易中心网-CA数字证书与电子签章办事指引http://ggzy.gz.gov.cn/fwznbszyCAjdzqz/655495.jhtml

Before September 22, 2020, the interested bidders must apply for the CA digital certificate in accordance with the provisions of the Guangzhou Public Resources Exchange Center's "CA Digital Certificate and Electronic Signature Guidelines"

http ://ggzy.gz.gov.cn/fwznbszyCAjdzqz/655495.jhtml


IV.  Time and Method - Submission of materials


( I ) Deadline for submission of application materials: 17:00 on September 18, 2020.


( II ) Submission Method: The application materials shall be emailed to ‘gzkgswq2020@163.com’ in electronic format.


V.  Selection of Inviting Bidders


( I ) Solicitation requester will form a review committee, that will organize a centralized review after the submission deadline for information. The review committee will determine no more than 10 bidders to be invited by voting after a comprehensive review of the information submitted by the invited bidders.


( II ) The invited bidders shall submit the documents according to the requirements of the tender documents, and be compensated with 1 to 2 million Yuan for the design plan after passing the evaluation.


( III ) If the invited bidders do not have the relevant qualifications, they shall form a consortium with companies with possessing Class A qualification in comprehensive engineering design, Class A qualification in engineering design for the construction industry, or Class A qualification in professional design for the construction industry (construction engineering) to complete the design task together.


Note: This project intends to issue an announcement on September 22, 2020, and the invited bidder must form a consortium with qualified companies to become an official bidder before September 23, 2020.


( IV ) Contact person and contact details of the solicitation requester:


Contact person: Mr Chen

征集人咨询电话:+86 20 66886618

Tel: +86 20 66886618


Address: 3/F, Building A, Guangzhou Airport Center, No.3 Lugang Third Street, Huadu District, Guangzhou, China


( V ) Agent contact person and contact details: 


Contact person: Mr Zhang,  Mr Xie

代理咨询电话:+86 20 61101333-1867

Tel+86 20 61101333-1867

传真电话:+86 20 83310183     

Fax: +86 20 83310183


Address: 18/F, No.4 Guangwei Road, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China



    Special note: With regards to the accuracy of the above content, the Chinese version shall prevail







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